Titon Micro 90 Gold Mount two battery kit with GM2 charger


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  • 2 x 98Wh Gold Mount Micro Batteries
  • Dual GM2 Gold Mount Travel Charger
  • Batteries Support up to 10A Draw
  • Charger Has 16.7 VDC 4-Pin XLR Output

Get your rig ready for a travel shoot with this Anton Bauer Titon Micro 90 Gold Mount Two-Battery Kit with GM2 Charger. This lightweight, compact, and portable power kit is well suited for the filmmaker on the go as the kit includes two Titon 90 Gold mount batteries and a GM2 dual-bay Gold mount travel charger.

The Titon Micro 90 lithium-ion battery features a 98Wh capacity, supports up to 10A continuous draw, and has a slim design to fit on small rigs or a gimbal. Each battery features a P-Tap output to power a camera or accessory, and the 5-LED status gauge shows accurate battery capacity. You can use the compact GM2 charger anywhere in the world, as it supports worldwide power standards, and it allows you to charge both batteries simultaneously. The charger also features a 4-pin XLR output that provides up to 16.7 VDC output to power your camera while charging your batteries. It also features a built-in fan to keep the charger cool in warm environments.

Anton Bauer Titon Micro 90 Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery

Power your Gold mount camera or other power-hungry pro video gear with the ultra-compact Anton Bauer Titon Mirco 90 Gold Mount Lithium-Ion Battery. This lightweight battery is smaller than the original Titon series models and features lithium-ion chemistry and a Gold mount mount. It provides up to 10A continuous draw and has a 98Wh capacity.

At the side of the chassis, a five-stage LCD display screen shows battery capacity in percent remaining, and when put under load, it shows the exact remaining runtime. Using the 14V D-Tap and 5V USB ports you can power essential accessories on your rig or other small electronics.

Using a separately available dual-battery Micro plate, you can boost your runtime and the batteries can be hot-swapped without needing to turn off your camera. You can also utilize a separately available, compact P-Tap charger since the P-Tap ports can also be used to charge the battery.

For those who prefer a basic battery without multiple display window options and mode selections. Additional information can be accessed and displayed via select Anton Bauer chargers (not included).
The built-in display shows remaining power as percents. When the battery is connected to a camera or light, or otherwise put under load the display changes to show the remaining runtime. This information is available in most professional camera EVFs.
The Titon Micro Gold mount battery supports a continuous 10A total draw between the Gold mount, D-Tap, and USB ports. The battery capacity is 98Wh.
The battery uses high-quality cells and robust electronics for power distribution and safety.
It has a working temperature range of -4 to 140°F, although temperatures below 40°F can greatly reduce battery performance.
The case is made from an ABS/polycarbonate blend.
The battery can be charged with Dual or Quad Gold mount LP and Performance chargers.
You can also use other Anton Bauer chargers, as well as common competitive chargers; however, not all features and modes may be accessible with these other charges.

Anton Bauer GM2 Dual-Bay Charger with 4-Pin XLR Output (Gold Mount)

This slim Gold mount Anton Bauer GM2 Dual-Bay Charger with 4-Pin XLR Output allows you to simultaneously charge two Gold mount batteries (or a single battery) from 100 to 240 VAC sources, and it supports worldwide power of 50/60 Hz. The charger can also output 16.7 VDC through the 4-pin XLR while charging batteries, allowing you to power your camera and charge your batteries at the same time.

It features a top handle for easy transport and a built-in power management system that protects your batteries and powered devices from damage. The built-in intelligent safety technology continually monitors all attached devices, batteries as well as devices connected to the XLR port, and will shut down if a fault or overvoltage condition is detected, protecting your gear. A built-in fan helps to keep the unit cool and functioning. In addition, when AC power isn’t available, you can connect one or two batteries to the charger, and it will output 15 VDC via the 4-pin XLR port.


  • Titon 90
  • Titon 150
  • Titon 240
  • Titon SL 90
  • Titon SL 150
  • Anton Bauer GO 90
  • LED charge status indicators
  • Supports worldwide power
  • IEC AC power input
  • Dedicated on/off switch


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