On-Stage PBPM-JBH Pop Blocker for Rode PodMic Microphone


Key Features

  • For Rode PodMic and Similar Microphones
  • 3″ Pop Filter
  • Reduces Plosives and Breath Noise
  • Depth- and Angle-Adjustable Screen

On-Stage PBPM-JBH Overview

Custom made for B&H, the On-Stage PBPM-JBH Pop Blocker is designed specifically for Rode PodMic microphones and other similarly sized mics. Its 3″ pop filter effectively reduces plosives and excessive breath noise, while its design enables easy adjustment of the screen’s angle and proximity to your mic. The PBPM-JBH safely and securely attaches to your mic via a rubber-lined clamp. Durable aluminum construction ensures reliable operation session after session.


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